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Dorfen Health Services (Dorfen) is a counselling practice in Melbourne that is passionate about supporting you to work through mental health challenges, trauma and anxiety to live a more productive and fulfilling life going forward. 

Established by Adam Kreuzer, Dorfen provides a safe and confidential therapeutic environment for you to explore your issues, challenges, and concerns with experienced Counsellors across the various life stages you are going through.

Adam is a trauma-informed therapist and counsellor who takes a person-centred approach to sessions with clients. This places you in the driver’s seat to identify your focus areas for exploration and explore options and solutions to make meaningful, positive changes to your life.

Adam is a Registered Counsellor, Therapist and HR Consultant with over two decades of experience passionately delivering quality behavioural outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations in highly complex operating environments.

At Dorfen, Adam prides himself on being a good listener and has a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques that we tailor to your specific needs and circumstances.

Adam also provides trusted Human Resources (HR) consulting advice, guidance and support to organisations in a range of areas.  

Counselling Services in Melbourne | Dorfen Health Services
Counselling Services - Dorfen Health Services

Why Choose Our Counselling Services?

In-Depth Counselling | Dorfen Health Services

In-depth Professional Counselling That Helps You Reach Your Full Potential

Dorfen has significant professional experience helping people to reach their full potential. We have worked with individuals and organisations to understand what drives and motivates them to succeed and develop the skills and ability to be the best version of themselves.

Respectful Counselling | Dorfen Health Services

Respectful counselling with authenticity, humility, and empathy

Dorfen has real life experience and can relate to their clients, in terms of what they may be experiencing and being challenged by. We respectfully demonstrate authenticity, humility, and empathy with our clients, ensuring your counselling experience with Dorfen is highly valuable and helpful.

Flexible Counselling | Dorfen Health Services

Flexible counselling approach tailored to your specific, unique circumstances

Dorfen believes that one size does not fit all when it comes to the counselling relationship with clients. Every client brings their own perspectives, beliefs, culture and attitudes to the counselling relationship and Dorfen tailors their approach to your specific, unique circumstances.

About Dorfen Health Services

Dorfen Health Services is a counselling and therapy practice with a unique point of view. We pride ourselves on having our feet firmly on the ground and often say to our clients that we are in the “Reality Business”. We do not believe in creating false hope for our clients or advocating toxic positivity, as this can lead to further stress, anxiety and sadness in your life. 

At Dorfen, we know life can often be difficult, painful and stressful. We have real conversations with our clients and establish practical realistic goals for our therapy sessions going forward. Sometimes people you trust can really let you down. Your feelings can be hurt and it can be extremely disappointing. 

Our founder, Adam Kreuzer, builds from his own unique life experiences and learnings to therapeutically support his clients with effective therapy and counselling, using a range of proven techniques and approaches, completely tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Client Testimonials

For years I questioned professional help for myself. The reasoning behind this was either because I was in denial and I felt I didn’t really need it or when I did link up and connect with a source of professional help, I felt that it frankly wasn’t the right fit for me and it simply didn’t work out.

Until I met Adam Kreuzer.

Adam immediately creates a safe space in an extremely comfortable and non-judgemental environment. He balances compassion with empathy and challenges you to visualise your thoughts in a positive existence.

My first session with Adam was incredibly overwhelming. I dove straight into every troubling element in my life. Some of which consisted of a long term eating disorder, addiction, perfectionism, and broken relationships between myself and others which was taking a significant toll on my mental health. Adam’s technique of making sense of what seems like total chaos in my mind is unique. He has had me open up my thinking by breaking each of these elements down, looking at these as how they really are and working through these methodically one by one.

Over the past year, my experience working with Adam has been incredibly rewarding. He has to taught me how to rewire my mind and behavioural thinking and to do things on my own terms. This has led me to one of the most valuable pieces of information which I lacked for far too many years - To be in control of my life.

Counselling Services We Offer in Melbourne

At Dorfen, Adam Kreuzer is a trained Therapist and Counsellor, helping you to take control of your life and improve your long-term mental health and wellness.

Are you feeling frustrated or challenged by certain aspects of your life? Are you struggling to maintain healthy relationships with family or friends? Are you dealing with other challenges and suffering in silence? Adam brings his own set of life experiences and challenges to help you work through your specific needs and regain control over your life.

Dorfen offers the full gamut of therapy and counselling services in Melbourne including:

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